Insurance Claims & Defense

The Harrington Miller law firm handles insurance claims in many forms. The vast majority of insurance claims we see are related to title insurance, contractor or other professional liability insurance, or automobile insurance. Each type of insurance litigation has its own body of law.

If you have been notified of a claim, you should first consider whether the claim may be covered by your insurance. Too often, we see insurance companies deny claims simply because the insured failed to properly notify his or her carrier of the claim. In representing insured people or businesses, we first work with our clients to properly notify any insurance companies that may afford coverage. Further, many liability policies provide for payment of attorneys’ fees when a suit is filed against an insured. When we represent insured Defendants, we will seek to work with our clients’ insurance carriers in an effort to assist our clients and ease their financial burden.

The most common form of liability insurance is automobile insurance. These polices come in many forms and provide varying types of coverage. Coverage may include compensation, liability, uninsured or underinsured coverage, or “med-pay,” which may provide coverage for medical bills regardless of fault.

Often professionals will be covered by liability policies or an “errors or omissions” policy. These policies will generally afford coverage where the professional has been sued due to an alleged error made during the course of job performance.

Contractors, in particular, will often purchase multiple forms of insurance. These policies may include general liability policies, worker’s compensation policies, and often performance or maintenance bonds. Each type of coverage requires its own special notice.

We also see many forms of homeowners’ insurance. A homeowners’ policy will generally provide coverage for damage to your home. Many people do not realize that a homeowners’ policy may provide coverage in the event that you have injured someone. Typical homeowners insurance policies may provide limited coverage for personal injuries or property damage to others for which you or members of your family living with you may be legally responsible. The injuries or damages don't have to occur on your property. Your policy will describe what types of claims are covered, and coverage will vary between carriers and policies.

If you are unsure which policy may apply to your case, or whether you have coverage, the attorneys at Harrington Miller will be glad to review your policies and assist you in this process.